Episode 16

The Meditating CEO: A Journey into Mindful Leadership

Featuring Linda Bjork

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Linda Bjork, a visionary at the forefront of integrating mindfulness with business acumen. As head of the Inner Business Institute and founder of Mindfulness Intelligence, Linda has revolutionized leadership with her pioneering approach. Her journey from leading a global creative agency to becoming known as the “Meditating CEO” underscores her commitment to fostering well-being and high performance through mindfulness.

In this episode of “Possibilities with Monique de Maio,” Linda shares her profound insights on the transformative power of mindfulness in leadership and business. Discover how she led her team to unparalleled success by integrating mindful practices, resulting in a year of remarkable achievements and innovation. Linda’s story is a testament to the potential of mindful leadership in creating thriving, innovative, and compassionate work environments.

Linda also discusses the essential human factor in business, emphasizing the synergy between brain and heart. She advocates for leaders and professionals to embrace their humanity, highlighting the increasing importance of empathy, creativity, and emotional intelligence in the age of AI. Her call to action is a powerful reminder to raise our gaze and reflect on what truly matters, urging leaders to embrace methods that lead to more fulfilling and effective paths in business and life.

As we delve into Linda’s journey and philosophy, be prepared to be inspired by her dedication to elevating leadership and fostering transformative change. Her approach is not just a strategy; it’s a way of life that empowers individuals and organizations to lead with their heart and mind in unison.

0:00 Intro to Linda 

6:00 Writing her book/getting the title of the Meditating CEO 

10:00 The importance of bringing in support

17:00 Cleaning up our subconscious mind/differences with men and women

25:00 The power of being secure in your word 

30:00 The future of business for Linda 

35:00 The becoming of business

About our Guest:

Linda Bjork heads the Inner Business Institute and is the founder of Mindfulness Intelligence and the author of the leadership book, Inner Business, Training Your Mind for Leadership Success. She is also co-author of Mind Skills with Stephanie Michko. She leads professionals all over the globe to their highest leadership potential. Linda led a creative agency to global recognition from 2004 to 2014 based in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden. With continued outstanding financial results and an outspoken focus on mind training for the staff, Linda became known as the Meditating CEO. The agency won numerous awards under Linda’s leadership, among them, Agency of the Year in 2009. In addition to her engineering, design, and business background, Linda is a certified MBSR leader, a certified success coach, and an elected evolutionary leader, and an ordained interfaith inter-spiritual minister.



The Mindful CEO: Linda Bjork's Transformational Leadership

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