Episode 17

How Your Choices Create Your Life’s Reality

Featuring Kendra DeBree

Welcome back to another episode of “Possibilities” with Monique de Maio! Today we are joined by Kendra DeBree, a wonderful friend and head of Marketing and Operations at OnDemandCMO. We discuss the power of choice, how micro moments can add up, and the importance and power behind showing up each and every day. Kendra is a total rockstar and there is so much to learn from her today!

On today’s episode we dive into the following key themes:

Positive Self-Talk: Both the podcast and book highlight the critical role of how we talk to ourselves and its impact on our mental and emotional well-being.

Personal Growth and Authenticity: The journey to discovering and being one’s authentic self is a central theme, underscoring the value of personal growth and authenticity in leading a fulfilling life.

Body Image and Self-Acceptance: Kendra’s personal story brings to light issues around body image, the societal pressures on beauty standards, and the path to self-acceptance and love. These themes resonate with the contents of “The 7 Secrets to Creating a Life You Love,” where  insights and exercises are aimed at empowering women in leadership to live intentionally and authentically, making choices that align with their true selves.

0:00 Intro to Kendra

5:00 The power of choices/maintaining positive energy/holding yourself accountable

10:00 Loving yourself/making conscious choices on what you put in your body

20:00 Parenting/how micro moments add up 

26:00 The power of showing up each day

31:00 Setting firm boundaries with family members 

About our guest: Kendra is a marketing specialist, social media manager, health and wellness enthusiast! A self-motivated and results-driven marketing executive with 17+ years of expertise in developing and executing short- and long-term marketing strategies in business development, branding, and management for companies. Currently she is Director of Marketing & Operations and with over 6 years of full-time experience at OnDemandCMO, she manages clients’ digital marketing initiatives, operationalizes their marketing plans and executes engaging social media campaigns that elevate their brand awareness, lead generation and results. Kendra has a Bachelors degree in Business Management from William Patterson University, which she earned while working full time. She lives in Sussex County, NJ with her husband Matt and their two children, Emma and Elliot.


How Your Choices Create Your Life's Reality

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