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Monique de Maio is a trailblazing female leader who has dedicated her life to helping women succeed in their personal and professional lives. Her new book, The 7 Secrets to Creating a Life You Love: A Practical Guide for Women in Leadership, is the culmination of her decades-long experience as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and mentor.

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Her podcast, Possibilities is about helping women in (or aspiring to) leadership discover small things they can implement that can have a large impact on their happiness, success and well-being. She interviews accomplished women who share their journeys and provides the listening audience with practical, pragmatic takeaways for all aspects of life.

Monique’s speeches incorporate the content, tone and approach of both the book and the podcast that women in leadership have found relatable, compelling and inspiring.

Born in France, Monique came to the United States at the age of five with her family, and she quickly had to learn to navigate a new culture and language while also advocating for her family. As a child, she experienced bullying and discrimination, which would later inspire her to create a better world for women.

Despite facing blatant misogyny, sexism, and discrimination in her early career, Monique worked her way up from serving in marketing roles at IBM and on Wall Street to publishing a magazine to finally running her own successful marketing consulting business.

Along the way, she encountered a lack of resources for women seeking mentorship and a lack of practical support for working and executive moms, and she vowed to change that for future generations of women. Welcome.

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“Anything is possible if you have a plan and you have intention.” ~ Monique de Maio.

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