Monique de Maio, a performance and transformation expert, is an MBA, Landmark Education and Brendon Burchard’s Performance Academy graduate. Monique is an engaging, energetic, and passionate speaker on creating the life you want to have. She discusses topics such as personal and professional balance and the power of choice and micro-moments, as well as fitness and wellness. Monique helps people see their own possibilities—and discover how they can design lives they love.

Monique helps you see your own possibilities—whatever that looks like for you and your group. 

As a career marketing veteran, multi-lingual immigrant, black belt in mixed martial arts, fitness and wellness enthusiast, and student of performance coaching, she will get you to think about how to take little steps in the right direction to get the results that you want.

Her candid, straightforward "real talk" and her pragmatic tips and tricks (often taken from personal experience) allow people to discover something new for themselves that results in some form of behavior modification and/or performance optimization.

Current and past clients include professionals trying to optimize their work/life balance, performance, and career paths, among others.

Monique’s speeches can also be done as a workshop. She can customize the content to be fully relevant to your audience.

Partial List of Speaking Topics

Creating a Life You Love

There are multiple factors to consider when creating a life by design. Most will affect your personal and professional lives. A partial list of questions you will consider with Monique:

Things like:

  • Am I living authentically in a way that I show up how I want to show up–at work and at home?

  • Am I controlling my job, or is it controlling me? How can I not let my job control my life

  • How & where am I really spending my time? What and where do I need to change to optimize my day and how happy do I feel?

Creating a life you love is about increasing your joy and decreasing your “cringe.” Monique leaves you with a few actionable takeaways that you can implement to make an immediate impact on your life’s design.

The Power Of Choice

This speech comes from a place of creating the outcomes we seek. It illustrates that In all responses, in all reactions, in every moment, we have agency and choice. The responses and reactions that we have—and the micro-decisions that we make—create the lives we lead today, and those we will lead many years from now.

Monique unpacks:

  • External narratives: the stories that we project about ourselves to others around us.

  • Internal narratives: those we create with and about ourselves that can either prevent us from achieving our potential or propel us beyond our wildest expectations. 

  • Environment: what can you do to set yourself up for success, on a daily basis?

Monique helps you with takeaways to choose more wisely. This has both personal and professional takeaways that have audiences see possibilities with small changes they can make to create a larger impact.

what People Say

We thoroughly enjoyed having Monique as a speaker for The WIT Network. Her session resonated with our audience because of her authenticity as a speaker. She was relatable and enjoyable to listen to. She connected real stories with the content of her presentation. People laughed, people understood, and people left inspired to realize their empowerment potential. Monique was professional in every way preparing for the engagement and we look forward to working with Monique again in the future.
— Christine Bongard, President, WIT Network
Monique had the opportunity to speak to the Jabra GN’s Women’s network and share some of her experiences – those that helped shape her into the business owner she is today. Monique is an excellent storyteller both in verbal and written word. The interaction with the audience was amazing to watch as I could tell her story resonated with most of the women attending. Her style is engaging, and she has a unique way of bringing the audience into the story. I would highly recommend Monique as a speaker. Thanks, Monique, for telling your story!
— Laurie Harvey, Head of Enterprise Marketing - NA, JABRA
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