Episode 24

Spirituality & Business: Conscious Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth

Featuring Michele Parad

In this episode of “Possibilities with Monique de Maio,” I am joined by Michele Parad, the founder of Sell Your Brilliance Accelerator. Today we discuss the realms of conscious leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Michele shares her expertise in guiding conscious leaders, unveiling the power of the S-E-L-L method, and fostering heart-centered businesses. From discussing the impact of subconscious beliefs on reality to the significance of income diversification, this episode offers valuable insights for individuals seeking to align their businesses with their authentic selves.

0:00 Michelle’s Background and Sell Your Brilliance

6:00 Healing Subconscious Traumas

12:00 Aligning with Personal Archetypes

20:00 Michele’s Archetype Revelation and Authentic Networking Experience

30:00 Exploring Diverse Income Streams and Embracing Human Connection

About our guest:

Michele Parad is an intuitive guide for conscious leaders, an author and speaker. She is known for Your Brilliance Archetype™ guides and the S.E.L.L method, a spiritual philosophy which has helped empower her clients to build businesses that align with their path toward self-actualization. She is a co-author of the international bestseller book: Success with Source. She has 15+ years of deep expertise in start-up marketing and simultaneously is an advanced healer and mindset trainer with certifications in 6+ spiritual modalities. Her flagship program, Sell Your Brilliance™, takes individuals through higher conscious marketing strategies and activation processes to confidently launch their heart-centered business. Her topics include: 

  • Self Actualization
  • Building a business around our gifts
  • Business model design in a new era
  • Pros/cons of spiritual tools, mindset, and business strategies
  • Higher Conscious Marketing
  • Wellbeing in Business



Spirituality & Business: Conscious Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth

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