Episode 25

Philanthropy and Development: Empowering Generations

Featuring Sally Benner

Join us for a exciting episode of “Possibilities with Monique de Maio,” featuring the esteemed Sally Benner. With 30 years dedicated to advancing the missions of higher education and nonprofits, Sally has become a pivotal figure in strategic communications and fundraising. As an influential Capstone advisor at Columbia University and a visionary author preparing to release her manuscript “Development Detox,” Sally shares her profound insights and experiences in philanthropy, emphasizing the strategic, emotional, and fulfilling aspects of giving.

In this episode, Sally unravels the evolution of philanthropy, illustrating her journey from orchestrating fundraising campaigns for prestigious institutions to advocating for a more inclusive and strategic approach to development. She discusses the transformative power of philanthropy, not just for magnates like Buffett and Gates, but for every individual committed to making a difference. Sally’s conversation delves deep into the nuances of female leadership in development, shedding light on the changing dynamics and the increasing role of women as independent, influential forces in the philanthropic landscape.As we anticipate the release of her groundbreaking bookmarking her 30th anniversary in the field, Sally Benner invites us to reflect on our philanthropic potential and the impact we can all have through thoughtful, strategic giving. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and discover how you, too, can fuel change and leave a lasting legacy in the world of philanthropy.

0:00 Introduction to Sally Benner

5:00 Evolution of Philanthropy and Development

10:00 Women in Philanthropy and Development

20:00 Navigating Modern Philanthropy 

28:00 Empowering Women in Philanthropy

About our guest:

Sally Benner has dedicated her career to advancing the missions of higher education and nonprofits for 30 years. In executive positions in strategic communications and Development with the Ivies, the University of Oxford, and children’s hospitals, she specialized in fundraising campaigns and messaging. She’s a Capstone advisor for Columbia University’s Master’s degree program in Strategic Communications, where she earned a master’s in 2007.She is editing her manuscript Development Detox to ready it for publication in the coming year, marking her 30th anniversary in the field.


Philanthropy and Development: Empowering Generations

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