Episode 13.5

Self-Care for High Performers

Featuring Monique de Maio

In this conversation, I discuss the importance of self-care for successful women. I emphasize the need for planning and organization to prioritize self-care. I share various hacks and tips for staying organized and setting myself up for success.

I also explore alternative exercise options and highlight the importance of making time for fitness. Additionally, I discuss the significance of choosing high-quality cosmetics and the benefits of protein and amino acids. I encourage taking downtime and practicing meditation, setting goals, and finding personalized self-care solutions. Lastly, I touch on understanding my own love language as a way to determine my most impactful self-care solutions.

  • Successful women often prioritize others over themselves, making it crucial to be intentional and strategic about self-care.
  • Organization and planning are key to setting oneself up for success and maintaining a calm and organized lifestyle.
  • Finding alternative exercise options and making time for fitness in small increments can help incorporate physical activity into a busy schedule.
  • Choosing high-quality cosmetics and being mindful of the ingredients in personal care products can contribute to overall well-being.
  • Protein and amino acids play a vital role in maintaining energy levels and supporting physical performance.
  • Taking downtime and practicing meditation can promote relaxation and mental well-being.
  • Setting goals and planning for success can help individuals prioritize self-care and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Personalized self-care solutions, such as understanding one’s love language, can enhance overall well-being and happiness.

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Self-Care

01:00 Organizational Hacks for Success

01:57 Finding Alternative Exercise Options

02:41 Making Time for Fitness

03:11 Choosing High-Quality Cosmetics

04:39 Importance of Protein and Amino Acids

06:08 Taking Downtime and Practicing Meditation

07:06 Setting Goals and Planning for Success

09:02 Finding Personalized Self-Care Solutions

10:01 Understanding Love Languages

10:30 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Self-Care for High Performers

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