Episode 30

Traveling Abroad: Planning for the L3

Featuring Monique de Maio

In this podcast episode, Monique de Maio discusses her “L3 project’’ which stands for Live Like a Local, where she and her husband live in different countries for extended periods. She shares her experiences living in Paris and her upcoming journey to Madrid.

Monique emphasizes the importance of a mind shift when living like a local and the need for strategic planning and time management. She also provides tips on home and personal preparation, packing, behavioral shifts in Europe, language preparation, and book selection. Monique encourages listeners to be intentional about their trips and plan their lives to come back as a better version of themselves.


  • Living like a local requires a mind shift and strategic planning.
  • When living in a different time zone, take advantage of the quiet hours to focus on important tasks and passion projects.
  • Pack light and choose a color scheme to make packing easier.
  • Prepare key phrases and questions in the local language to navigate the city.
  • Use journaling to stay organized and focused on specific areas of life.
  • Explore the local wine and food culture to enhance the travel experience.
  • Be intentional about trips and plan to return as a better version of yourself.

00:00 Introduction to Live Like a Local

01:00 Choosing City Locations

01:59 The Mind Shift of Living Like a Local

03:23 Planning and Time Management

03:52 Home and Personal Preparation

05:21 Packing Tips

06:18 Behavioral Shifts in Europe

07:14 Language Preparation

08:09 Journaling and Book Selection

09:07 Exploring Wine and Bordeaux

10:35 Planning Your Life and Trips

11:34 Shifting Your Mindset

12:03 Closing Remarks

Traveling Abroad: Planning for the L3

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