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Thoughts on how to integrate self-care into a busy lifestyle

Busy, successful and hard-driving women tell me that they ‘often serve themselves last’, and that self-care often strikes them as selfish. I’d like to have you consider that self-care is essential and selfless, not selfish. If you don’t ‘put on your oxygen mask on first’, how can you help anyone else? In this episode, I […]

A Wellness Journey Ending in Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition is a path that unexpectedly found Rosy, grew out of a passion and need for a healthier family, and changed her life for the better. Her journey started when her son was struggling with asthma, and it became apparent that nutrition was the missing piece in their wellness puzzle. As a holistic nutritionist, […]

Bernardine’s Journey from Wall Street to Authentic Living & Mastering Life

Today, I’m excited to share details about my fireside chat with close friend, former Wall Street executive, and serial entrepreneur Bernardine Wu. Bernardine shared with me a bit about her journey from an immigrant child in Staten Island to a successful entrepreneur and mom; we also talked about her philosophy of asking for what you […]

Local Living: A Mindful Journey with Monique de Maio

In this podcast episode, I discuss my “L3 project,’’ which stands for Live Like a Local, where my husband and I live in different countries for an extended period. We decided that rather than live in a bigger house, or invest in a second home, we would make international travel part of our living expenses, […]


Hello, Possibility Seekers! Welcome back to “Possibilities with Monique de Maio.” This episode is particularly special as I had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Jen Faherty. If you haven’t listened yet, you’re in for a treat, but for those who prefer to read, I’ve got you covered. Jen Faherty, a seasoned financial planner and […]

The Champion’s Mindset Playbook: Decoding Success with Dr. Cristina Versari

Hey there, Possibility Seekers! Buckle up for another exhilarating dive into the realms of success and personal growth. In this week’s podcast, I sat down with the powerhouse that is Dr. Cristina Versari, a beacon of wisdom in the world of sports psychology. With over 30 years of sculpting champions’ mindsets, Dr. Versari spilled the […]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome; Embracing Your Inner Badass

Breaking Down the Barriers of Self-Doubt Welcome to another insightful exploration of a topic that resonates with many of us: Imposter Syndrome. As high-performing women, we often find ourselves grappling with this psychological phenomenon, where despite our accomplishments, we fear being exposed as “frauds.” Let’s dive deep into understanding and overcoming this challenge. Understanding Imposter […]

Living and Working with Intention: Grace, Fitness, and the Power of the 3 P’s

Every journey begins with a single step. Some journeys are planned; others are serendipitous. The latter can be said about my recent conversation with the incredible Olivia Facini. A theater writer, producer, director, choreographer, and professional academic tutor, Olivia’s journey has taken her on an unexpected yet fulfilling path toward living and working with intention. […]

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