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Financial Independence for Women: How to Own Your Money Story

Hello everyone, welcome back to Possibilities with Monique de Maio. Today, we are diving deep into a topic that many of us shy away from – money. Our special guest, Sarah Beane Ricca, is here to shed light on financial literacy for women, and let me tell you, this episode is packed with valuable insights […]

Embracing Our Narrative: Lisa’s Journey of Self-Acceptance

Hey there, possibility seekers!  Buckle up because we’re diving into Lisa Schermerhorn’s fabulous, bumpy ride to self-acceptance. If you’ve ever felt like the odd one out, struggled with self-doubt, or just needed a good kick to start loving yourself, Lisa’s story is about to become your new favorite read. A Rocky Start Lisa’s childhood wasn’t […]

Time Hacks for a Productive Life

Hey there, it’s me again, back with another exciting episode of our podcast! This time, I dive deep into the world of time management. I share my insights and practical tips on optimizing our schedules! Setting the Stage: A Clean Workspace I start with a fundamental principle: **a cluttered space equals a cluttered brain**. If […]

Harmonizing Roles: Excelling in Leadership, Family, and Self-Discovery

As the Former Senior Vice President of Product and Fragrance Development at Bath and Body Works, Megan Crokos is a compelling narrative of how one can scale the heights of professional success while maintaining a rich personal life. Her story is a testament to the delicate balance of leadership, career advancement, and family life, all […]

Guiding with Compassion: Navigating Life’s Realities with Lisa Lyons

Welcome back to “Possibilities with Monique de Maio”. In this episode, we explore the journey of Lisa Lyons, a former educator turned influential consultant and speaker in the educational industry. With a mission deeply rooted in spreading kindness and empathy, Lisa’s transition from the classroom to consultancy has enabled her to impact a broader spectrum […]

Three Decades of Fueling Change Through Philanthropy

When it comes to philanthropy and development, few names resonate as profoundly as Sally Benner’s. With a career spanning 30 years, Sally has carved a niche in advancing the missions of higher education and nonprofits. But what truly sets her apart? It’s her unparalleled skill in turning the art of giving into a strategic, emotional, […]

Soulful Success: Unleashing Your Inner Guru in Entrepreneurship and Personal Evolution

Entrepreneurship often gets boiled down to planning, marketing, and money smarts. But there’s a deeper side to success that’s often overlooked: understanding ourselves and how everything fits together. This is where spirituality and conscious entrepreneurship intersect, as shown by Michele Parad, the founder of Sell Your Brilliance Accelerator and today’s podcast guest! The approach to […]

The Power of Micro-Decisions: Shaping Your Future One Choice at a Time

Every day, we’re faced with a barrage of decisions. Most seem trivial: what to eat, which email to answer first, whether to take a moment to chat with a colleague. But what if I told you that these micro-decisions could significantly impact your life’s trajectory? It’s a truth I’ve come to realize and embrace over […]

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