Embracing the Joy of Unplugging: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Cultural Enrichment

In today’s hyper-connected world, the idea of unplugging might seem daunting, if not impossible. Yet, stepping away from technology and immersing ourselves in new environments can bring profound benefits. I recently shared my thoughts on this in my podcast, highlighting how unplugging and traveling have transformed my life, and offering tips on how you can integrate these practices into yours for greater personal and professional fulfillment.

The Power of Unplugging

For the first time in 26 years, I completely unplugged from work while I was in France on a cycling trip through Bordeaux and then a quick jaunt to Paris, my birth and happy place. No emails, no checking in—just a few days of digital detox. It was incredibly therapeutic. The importance of not having technology at the ready allows us to restore and come back as better versions of ourselves. By taking a break from constant connectivity, we can rejuvenate and return to our daily routines with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

Embracing New Experiences

Traveling offers a break from the norm and provides a rich tapestry of experiences that can transform our worldview. My cycling trip through Bordeaux and my time in Paris allowed me to deeply connect with nature and appreciate the simplicity of life in Europe. Being in Europe specifically feeds my soul and lets me see people happy with less complicated lives. This perspective shift helps us reassess our priorities and find joy in simple, unhurried moments.

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

One key takeaway from my journey is the importance of challenging our self-limiting beliefs. Many people think they can’t take time off or explore new places due to various constraints. But often, these are just excuses we tell ourselves. How many times have we made up excuses that we can’t do something? By confronting and overcoming these mental barriers, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities.

The Philosophy of ‘Less is More’

In our pursuit of happiness and success, we often accumulate more—more tasks, more responsibilities, more stress. I advocate for a different approach: embracing the philosophy of ‘less is more.’ By simplifying our lives and focusing on what truly matters, we can achieve a deeper sense of satisfaction and well-being. This mindset shift leads to more mindful and intentional living, allowing us to enjoy the present moment and build a life that truly resonates with our values.

Practical Steps to Unplug and Explore

1. **Schedule Digital Detox Periods:** Start with small, manageable periods where you disconnect from all digital devices. Gradually increase the duration as you become more comfortable with being unplugged.

2. **Plan Regular Getaways:** Whether it’s a weekend trip to a nearby town or an international adventure, prioritize travel and new experiences. Use these trips as opportunities to fully unplug and immerse yourself in different cultures.

3. **Challenge Your Excuses:** Reflect on the reasons you believe you can’t unplug or travel. Identify whether these are genuine constraints or self-imposed limitations. Take proactive steps to address and overcome these barriers.

4. **Adopt a ‘Less is More’ Mindset:** Simplify your life by focusing on what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Let go of unnecessary tasks and commitments that add stress without adding value.


Unplugging and exploring new environments are not just luxuries but essential practices for personal growth and well-being. By challenging our self-limiting beliefs and embracing the philosophy of ‘less is more,’ we can lead richer, more fulfilling lives. So, take that first step—unplug, explore, and discover the transformative power of simplicity and new experiences.

For more practical tips and inspirational stories, check out my book, “The 7 Secrets to Creating a Life You Love.” It offers a comprehensive guide for women in leadership to navigate life with intention and joy.

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