Episode 001

Talk to Yourself Like a BFF

Featuring Dr. Karen Latimer

Are you ready to transform your life, boost your self-worth, and start treating yourself with the love and compassion of a best friend? Prepare to be inspired and uplifted as we dive into an empowering conversation with Dr. Karen Latimer, a multi-talented family physician, wellness coach, author, app developer and devoted mother of five.

Growing up in Queens, New York, Karen’s journey was shaped by humble beginnings. Yet, a chance encounter with a female doctor at a young age ignited a fire within her, driving her to set her own path and shine in the world.

Throughout her remarkable career, Dr. Latimer grappled with imposter syndrome, battling self-doubt and questioning her own worthiness. But she didn’t stop there. She discovered the magic of treating herself like her own best friend, embracing discomfort, and taking bold steps toward personal growth.

In this episode, we unveil the secret to balance—a delicate dance between a thriving medical career and motherhood—and discover the profound impact of rewriting your inner narrative, fostering authenticity, and showing yourself the kindness you truly deserve.

Dr. Latimer’s story is a testament to the extraordinary strength we all possess to challenge societal norms and embrace our true ambitions. Tune in now to Possibilities with Monique de Maio for this life-affirming episode…

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Talk to Yourself Like a BFF

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