Episode 27

Leading with Kindness : Navigating the Real World

Featuring Lisa Lyons

Welcome back to “Possibilities with Monique de Maio.” In this episode, we explore the journey of Lisa Lyons, a former educator turned influential consultant and speaker in the educational industry. With a mission deeply rooted in spreading kindness and empathy, Lisa’s transition from the classroom to consultancy has enabled her to impact a broader spectrum of the educational community.

0:00 Intro to Lisa and the impact of Kindness on Lisa’s Life

6:00 Encouraging Kindness in Everyday Interactions

14:00 Fostering Empathy Through Storytelling

27:00 Impact of Attitude on Daily Life

30:00 Embracing Authenticity and Connection

Lisa Lyons is a dedicated educator who has devoted her career to the field of special education. Currently serving as an educational consultant, her work is centered on empowering educators to take ownership of their professional growth and mindset to enhance the learning for all students. In addition to her consultancy role, Lisa is a compelling speaker, engaging audiences in conversations about the importance of kindness. Throughout her personal and professional journey, Lisa has gained a deep understanding of the impact that one single moment of kindness can have on an individual. She believes that by recognizing and embracing these moments, each of us holds the ability to contribute to meaningful change in our world. Lisa lives in North Jersey with her husband, Mike, and 2 beautiful daughters, Jess and Sammi.

Leading with Kindness : Navigating the real world with Lisa Lyons

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