Episode 21

From M.D. to Spiritual Healer: A journey in consciousness

Featuring Dr. Susan Nicholas

Join us in this enlightening episode of ‘Possibilities with Monique de Maio as we dive into the transformative world of consciousness and energy healing with Dr. Susan Nicholas. A former surgeon turned spiritual healer, Dr. Nicholas shares her profound journey from clinical medicine to exploring the depths of human consciousness. This episode offers invaluable insights into money consciousness, the interconnectedness of physical and emotional well-being, and the power of conscious media to elevate our lives. Tune in for an inspiring session that promises to reshape your perspectives on healing, success, and personal growth.

0:00  Intro to Susan & Unveiling Susan’s Journey

8:30  Inner Awakenings 

14:00  From Surgeon to Healer 

23:00  Susan’s Healing Journey

28:00  The Power of Conscious Media

37:00  Aligning Words and Feelings

About our guest:

Dr Susan Nicholas is a physician and former surgeon who after a conscious awakening, transitioned her life and founded a Conscious Media Company. Susan is a life transformation guide, quantum energy healer, and international speaker. Her speaking platform is The Frequency of Money, where she inspires audiences to positively transform their relationship with money. Susan is a TEDx presenter on Money Consciousness: Overcoming Generational Poverty. As the founder of the Human Consciousness Consortium Publishing, Dr. Nicholas is the author of six books including The Duality of Being, Two Parts of Me, The Death of Cupcake, and Poor Max Breaks the Cycle of Poverty (2024). Dr. Nicholas also hosts the Be Conscious Podcast and the Money Consciousness Show. Her diverse work has a common thread to awaken humanity to consciousness. Susan’s perspectives and works have been featured in Yahoo! Finance, The Associated Press (AP), HuffPost, Authority Magazine, Conscious Life Journal, SWAAY Media, The Native Influence, TEDx, Forbes Books Radio, FOX News, and NBC8 “Ask the Doctor”.


From M.D. to Spiritual Healer: A journey in consciousness

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