Episode 31

Financial Literacy for Women: Our Relationship with Money

Featuring Sarah Beane Ricca

In this episode, I interview Sarah Beane Ricca, a Certified Financial Planner, about women and money. We discuss the reluctance of women to talk about money and the confidence issues that often arise. Sarah shares her journey from management consulting to becoming a financial advisor and highlights the benefits of pivoting in one’s career. She emphasizes that being a financial advisor is a great career for women, as it allows flexibility and the opportunity to help others. Sarah also provides advice on managing money and portfolios and encourages women to start planning for their financial future at any age.

0:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

5:02 Guest’s Journey to Becoming a Financial Advisor

12:00 Overcoming Confidence Issues in Money Management

20:00 Key Steps for Women to Manage Their Money

30:00 It’s Never Too Late to Start Managing Money

Sarah Beane Ricca is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Sarah offers clients comprehensive financial planning that encompasses virtually every aspect of their financial lives.

Sarah’s passion for all things financial began as a kid, where by the age of 8 she was taught how to balance a checkbook and was asking questions about financial markets at the dinner table. A lifelong student of budgeting, financial planning and the markets, today she shares her knowledge with numerous professional groups, women’s organizations, and not-for-profits, speaking frequently on such topics as Women and Wealth, Financial Planning, Leaving a Legacy, World Financial Markets and the Challenges of Divorce.

A cum laude graduate of Wellesley College with a BA in Economics and American Studies, Sarah began her career as a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting focused on client service in the technology space. She then progressed to several technology firms before realizing she wanted to professionally help people and their families achieve greater financial security.

She chose to join Morgan Stanley in 2009 where she built a practice before partnering with Joe Kennelly to form The Hudson Ridge Group, a planning based team of 8 focused on the financial needs of high-net-worth multigenerational families, and managing over $1 billion in client assets as of August 2021. Sarah is the co-founder of The Bergen County Professional Women’s Network and conducts an executive women’s breakfast program.





Financial Literacy for Women: Our relationship with Money

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