Living and Working with Intention: Grace, Fitness, and the Power of the 3 P’s

Every journey begins with a single step. Some journeys are planned; others are serendipitous. The latter can be said about my recent conversation with the incredible Olivia Facini. A theater writer, producer, director, choreographer, and professional academic tutor, Olivia’s journey has taken her on an unexpected yet fulfilling path toward living and working with intention.

Today, I share with you some insights from our chat, and Olivia’s unique method for choosing her projects, which she refers to as the “3 P’s”.

We started our discussion on a note we can all relate to: the grace of understanding we are all works in progress. In an age where most of us strive for perfection, Olivia emphasized the importance of extending grace not only to others,  but also to ourselves. A bad day doesn’t define us, and tomorrow is always an opportunity to reset.

Olivia spoke of the grounding role fitness plays in her life, an integral part of her self-care routine. Every morning, she reserves 45 minutes for a mix of exercises including yoga, Pilates, strength training, and cardio. She starts her day on this positive note even before checking her emails. By doing so, she gifts herself a boost of energy and a sense of accomplishment, allowing her to be more energetic and focused during the rest of the day.

The discussion took a deeper turn as we delved into the power of self-confidence and charting one’s own path. Olivia attributes her strong sense of self and her bravery to her mother, a role model, and an entrepreneur. This foundation has given her the courage to stand out from the crowd, follow her own instincts, and embrace unconventional career paths.

But one of the most striking elements of our conversation was Olivia’s commitment to intentionality, a life philosophy she began after a difficult professional situation. Her involvement in a musical, which began as a passion project, ended in a toxic work environment. Despite the heartache, this experience shaped her perspective on collaboration and authenticity.

To prevent such experiences in the future, Olivia adopted the ‘3 P’s’ approach when considering projects. This includes assessing the People (the collaborators), the Project (its mission and alignment with her goals), and the Payment (the compensation and potential opportunity cost). This strategy enables her to strike a balance in her “portfolio career,” ensuring her work aligns with her values, personal interests, and professional growth.

During the pandemic, the theater industry, like many others, experienced significant difficulties. Despite this, Olivia has managed to leverage her unique skill set and work ethic to continue creating art. Using the ‘3 P’s’ approach, she’s been able to maintain her passion for theater, build meaningful professional relationships, and further her career.

In conclusion, Olivia’s story reminds us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to personal and professional growth. What matters is maintaining self-acceptance, giving ourselves grace, and working with clear intentions. The idea of ‘should versus want to do’ is a constant struggle for many, especially in a world heavily influenced by social media and pop culture. Breaking free from societal norms and expectations, and focusing on what truly matters to us individually is what defines success.

Like Olivia, let’s strive to live and work with intention, charting our own path and embracing our uniqueness. Who knows where this could lead us? After all, every journey begins with a single step.

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