Harmonizing Roles: Excelling in Leadership, Family, and Self-Discovery

As the Former Senior Vice President of Product and Fragrance Development at Bath and Body Works, Megan Crokos is a compelling narrative of how one can scale the heights of professional success while maintaining a rich personal life. Her story is a testament to the delicate balance of leadership, career advancement, and family life, all underpinned by a positive methodology of leadership that others can learn from and emulate.

Leadership and Career: A Journey of Growth

Megan’s ascent from an entry-level position to the senior ranks is not just a story of career progression but of personal growth and strategic vision. Her rise through the ranks is marked by hard work, strategic decision-making, and a continual quest for learning. What makes her stand out is her unwavering commitment to her professional role alongside her dedication to family life, proving that one doesn’t have to sacrifice for the other.

A Beacon of Positive Leadership

Megan’s leadership style shines through her deep-rooted belief in kindness, empathy, and unwavering support for her team. Every team meeting kicks off with genuine appreciation, setting the tone for a workplace where gratitude and collaboration thrive. Megan isn’t just about being a leader; she’s redefining it by showing that strength can go hand in hand with kindness. She goes the extra mile, always staying connected with her team on a personal level, making each member feel valued and understood. Megan’s leadership isn’t just about achieving goals; it’s about fostering a supportive environment where everyone can flourish.

Balancing Family and Work

Megan’s story is particularly inspiring in how she balances her high-powered career with a fulfilling family life. As a mother and a professional, she navigates her roles with grace and effectiveness, involving her family in her journey, and integrating her work and home life in a seamless manner. Her ability to prioritize, plan, and prepare has allowed her to manage the intricacies of both worlds successfully.

The Strategy of Hard Work and Openness

Hard work is central to Megan’s philosophy, coupled with an openness to new experiences and continuous learning. She emphasizes the importance of being curious and open-minded, urging the next generation to embrace opportunities, even if they deviate from the planned path. Her career shifts, sometimes involving steps into unfamiliar territory, highlight her adaptability and willingness to embrace change for growth.


Megan Crokos’s journey is a powerful illustration of how one can ascend to the top tiers of leadership without compromising on personal values or family responsibilities. Her positive methodology of leadership, characterized by empathy, support, and a culture of appreciation, offers a model for future leaders. Megan’s story encourages professionals everywhere to strive for excellence in their careers while fostering a fulfilling personal life and contributing positively to their teams’ growth and well-being.

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