Embracing the World: Lessons on Flexibility, Relationships & Success with Dr. Lerzan Aksoy

Today, I’m eager to share some fascinating insights from my recent podcast guest, Dr. Lerzan Aksoy, who has enriched her life and career with experiences from across the globe. As a Dean and Professor of Marketing at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, Dr. Aksoy has harnessed her global upbringing to cultivate an extraordinary worldview.

Growing up in different countries–from Chile and Mexico to Pakistan and Turkey–has instilled in Dr. Aksoy a profound adaptability and openness to new experiences. She beautifully explained how this flexibility has been crucial in navigating both personal and professional realms. Each relocation brought about new challenges and learnings, deeply influencing her approach to life and work.

During our chat, Dr. Aksoy also shared the core philosophies from her book, The Wallet Allocation Rule, which links customer loyalty to business growth. Her emphasis on prioritizing relationships and deriving value and joy with those relationships (people and brands alike). This resonated so much with my own beliefs. It’s about nurturing connections that not only drive professional success but also personal happiness. This perspective is something I hold dear, as I believe that success is truly meaningful when shared with others.

Her personal and professional experiences have culminated in a three-pillar philosophy that guides both her life and career:

Excellence in Action: Dr. Aksoy believes in focusing intently on the task at hand and executing it to the best of one’s ability. This commitment to excellence is not just about achieving success, but about finding satisfaction in the quality of the work itself. She emphasized the joy and fulfillment that comes from immersing oneself fully and performing exceptionally. This also resonated deeply with me, as I’ve always believed that true satisfaction comes from doing something you love to the best of your ability.

Embracing Openness: Living in different countries taught Dr. Aksoy the importance of being open to new experiences, ideas, and people. She advocates for a ‘why not’ attitude that encourages embracing opportunities that life throws your way, no matter how unexpected or different they might be. This openness has allowed her to weave a rich tapestry of experiences and relationships that continue to enrich her life.

Valuing People and Relationships: Above all, Dr. Aksoy prioritizes picking the right team and genuinely caring for them. This pillar is about more than just professional networking; it’s about building sincere, supportive relationships that foster both personal and collective growth. For Dr. Aksoy, success is hollow without meaningful connections that celebrate and elevate each individual’s contributions.

Dr. Aksoy’s life lessons extend beyond conventional wisdom. They invite us to look at our own lives through a lens of intentional living—choosing excellence, staying open to the new, and deeply valuing the people around us. Her insights are a powerful reminder that our happiness and achievements are intimately connected to the relationships we nurture and the attitude we bring to our endeavors.

So let us take these lessons to heart. Let’s strive to excel in our passions, remain open to the unknown, and cherish the people who make our journeys worthwhile. These are not just the keys to success but the foundations of a richer, more connected, and fulfilling life.

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